WeHo Streets

What We Do: The WeHo Streets program offers HIV/AIDS education to gay and bisexual men and transgender women through street outreach in West Hollywood.  The goals of the WeHo Streets program are to reduce the risk of HIV acquisition or transmission among gay and bisexual males and transgender women who are substance users and sex workers, and to improve access to HIV-related services and other health care needs in West Hollywood.

These goals are being met through the provision of outreach contacts, in-depth encounters, repeat in-depth encounters, and the distribution of risk reduction supplies.  Non-invasive outreach is conducted on the streets in identified high-risk areas of West Hollywood where the target populations work and congregate such as street corners, bars, mini markets, fast food stands, and parks.  Outreach workers maintain continuity and consistency in the time and location of their fieldwork, which encourages ongoing and sustained interventions within the natural setting.

Enrollment: Street and venue-based outreach is conducted nightly in West Hollywood.

Hours: Varies, call for the specific location on a specific day.

Contact: 323-463-1601

Funding Source: This program is funded by the City of West Hollywood and sponsored by Friends Research Institute, Inc.