Cathy J. Reback, Ph.D. 


Dr. Reback is the Executive Director of Friends Community Center and a Senior Research Scientist with Friends Research Institute, Inc.  Her work focuses on the intersection of HIV risk behaviors, substance use, sexual identity and gender identity.  Dr. Reback was one of the first researchers in the country to link the rise in HIV infection among gay and bisexual men to sexual risk behaviors engaged in while using methamphetamine.  She authored the seminal study of gay and bisexual chronic methamphetamine abusers, The Social Construction of a Gay Drug: Methamphetamine Use among Gay and Bisexual Males in Los Angeles. Dr. Reback has served as Principal Investigator or Co-principal Investigator on intervention, ethnographic, clinical, and epidemiological studies. She has an extensive background in conducting community-research collaborations, evaluating behavioral treatment therapies, designing and implementing street-based intervention programs for out-of-treatment substance users, and managing large-scale HIV prevention and intervention programs.  Dr. Reback collaborates with local community-based organizations to adopt, tailor, and transfer evidenced-based interventions into public health and community settings. Her community and policy work includes membership on numerous local and national HIV/AIDS and substance abuse task forces and advisory committees. Dr. Reback is also a Research Sociologist with UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs (UCLA ISAP) and a Core Scientist with the UCLA Center for HIV Identification, Prevention and Treatment Services (UCLA CHIPTS).